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    Theme Park: Wuhu Fantawild Adventure

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    Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is located on the bank of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province. With science fiction and animation as its major features, Fantawild Adventure is elaborately built with world-class concepts and technologies. It is known as “Oriental Fantasy Land” and “A Wonder of Science and Fantasy in Asia”. Its wonders and surprises are achieved through a perfect combination of artistic elements and high technologies. The theme park, composed of 15 sections of theme projects, is particularly well-known for the following projects:Inter-planetary Flight, Mysterious Valley, Dinosaur Crisis, Conch Bay, Children’s Park and Liaozhai, while some other projects like the Sunshine Plaza, Fantawild Avenue and Fisherman’s Wharf are free of charge.
    Wuhu Fantawild Adventure offers a wide range of entertainment activities, including theme projects, amusement projects, leisure facilities and sightseeing spots. The contents of the Park involve diversified elements including modern technologies, future technologies, science fictions, fairy tales, historic cultures, variety shows and children’s games and amusements. The appealing forms and colorful contents cater to the tastes of tourists at different ages.
    Children’s Park: A paradise for children and a sea of joys and amusements!
    This is a world of cartoon icons full of fun, also a camp of outdoor projects: Apple Flying Chair, Hoisting Pulley, UFO, Merry Go Around, Whirly Twirly Bee, Frog Jumping, Space Dancing and so on. Whoever you are, adults or children, fond of thrilling experience or romance or mild amusement, you can find your cup of tea. Stay in the kids’ kingdom, means stay in a sea of happiness.
    Conch Bay: A colorful seabed world and a novel experience of ocean carnivals.
    The 4D Theater is a fantastic movie project of Fantawild Adventure. Visitors may feel as if they were in a fairy-tale world of seabed through a combination of various special visual effects including stereoscopic film show with multi-screen, real objects and sights and moving machine models. The first half of the movie presents a grand and loving show of ocean carnivals with all sorts of cute fishes showcasing talents and naughtily interacting with tourists. The second half presents the provocation of big crabs as a symbol of evil, which turns the peaceful atmosphere into tension and a defending fight.
    Dinosaur Crisis: An escape from dinosaurs and a journey of “life and death”!
    Have you ever imagined what would happen if someday, our cities were conquered by numerous dinosaurs? The “Dinosaur Crisis” is to turn your imagination into reality! Taking the tour buses, tourists narrowly escape the hunting of dinosaurs in chaotic and dangerous cities. Imagine! These huge dinosaurs are just nearby snatching tourists, but thanks to the swift shifting of the traveling bus, people flee to the safety. A breathtaking escape from dinosaur crisis is on show!
    Spherical Floating: A speeding flight and a magical trip of world wonders.
    It is a project of making tourists experience speeding flight into the space under spherical screen. Once the game starts, tourists will be surrounded by a huge hemispherical screen. Then, the grand suspension seats fly up, with magnificent movie pictures ahead, making visitors feel as if they were flying into the infinite sky. But the next moment the seats dive into the Grand Canyon, go through the Eiffel Tower, pass the Pyramids, flow over the Amazon River, hover over the top of Mount Everest, roar across the Great Wall, overlook the Brooklyn Bridge, or appreciate the fantastic neon lights in Hong Kong.
    Bus lines:
    Take Line 5, 13, 23, 30, 32or 103 (nighttime bus) and get off at Yinhu North Road Stop, where Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is nearby.
    Self-drive from the cities of Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou to Fantawild Adventure can go through Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway or Nanjing-Ma’anshan-Wuhu Expressway. Travelers can get off the highway at Wuhu Eastern Toll Station, and then follow road signs. By the way, Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is an estimated four-hour drive from Shanghai.